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Colonoscopy Specialist


Jonathan S Pourmorady, MD

Gastroenterology & Hepatology located in Los Angeles, CA & Garden Grove, CA

Each year, colonoscopy procedures save millions of lives by detecting signs of colon cancer early, when treatment is most effective. Board-certified gastroenterologist Jonathan Pourmorady, MD, of Gastro90210, offers colonoscopies at the office locations in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles and Garden Grove, California. This screening is generally done to investigate the root causes of symptoms, such as blood in the stool, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. To learn more about colonoscopies, call or use the online booking feature to set up your next appointment.

Colonoscopy Q & A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure that enables your physician to examine the lining of your colon, the large bowel or large intestine, for abnormalities. The colon is a key part of your body’s digestive tract, the collection of organs that allow you to eat and use food as fuel for your body’s critical functions.

Colonoscopies are a key screening method to detect early signs of colon cancer and determine the cause of symptoms, such as bloody stool, diarrhea, or abdominal pain. The procedure is also used to treat colon problems such as to guide the removal of cancerous growths, or polyps, lining the colon.

What should I expect during a colonoscopy?

Prior to a colonoscopy, Dr. Pourmorady checks on any medication allergies and has you sign an authorized consent form. During this pre-procedure examination, he also measures your heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level.

The colonoscopy is well-tolerated by most patients and rarely causes pain. You may feel some pressure, bloating, or cramping at times during the procedure. Dr. Pourmorady can provide pain-relieving medication intravenously to help you relax and minimize any discomfort if needed.

Generally, the procedure usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour. In some cases, Dr. Pourmorady may determine that an area of the colon requires a more detailed evaluation. This might necessitate a biopsy, which is the inspection of a colon lining sample.

What happens after my colonoscopy?

After your colonoscopy, you’ll be moved to a recovery room where your family may join you. Dr. Pourmorady then discusses the results of the procedure with you.

Since a colonoscopy generally involves the use of a sedative to help you relax during the procedure, you won’t be able to drive a motor vehicle for at least 12 hours, so you should arrange to have a friend or family member available to drive you home afterward.

Is colonoscopy safe?

Yes, a colonoscopy is perfectly safe. However, as is the case with all medical procedures, there are potential side effects, such as bleeding, cramping, fever, or localized irritation from the sedative. Most complications subside quickly on their own.

To schedule a colonoscopy, call Gastro90210 today or use the online booking feature.